taught by Maggie Kay
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90 Day Programme 

to learn, practice and teach

four powerful meditation practices:

1. Mindfulness of Breathing

2. Development of Loving Kindness

3. Ask Your Inner Wisdom

4. Ah/Om Manifestation


* Thrivecraft Meditation Foundation course materials

* Thrivecraft Meditation Teacher Training course materials

* Monthly live online group tutorial with Maggie

* Exclusive private Facebook group with Maggie for group support and to ask questions anytime

* Supervision / feedback on case study teaching sessions

* One-to-one post graduate Deep Dive business mentoring session with Maggie


Principles   *   Technique   *   Preparation   *   Practice 

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Maggie Kay
Maggie Kay
Thrivecraft Academy Founder

Maggie Kay is an inspirational coach and trainer, meditation teacher and author.

She founded Thrivecraft in 2003 and Thrivecraft Academy in 2013.

Thrivecraft is an inspirational coaching method that reveals truth, self belief and inner wisdom and creates authentic, graceful and sustainable leaps forward in life, love and business.

Maggie graduated with a BA (hons) degree in Psychology in her native Scotland, then moved to London to train in her initial vocation as an ordained Buddhist minister having discovered the power of meditation age 19.

For the next 18 years (10 in semi-monastic communities and the rest with a young family), she put meditation and ethical principles into practice within Buddhist  'right livelihood' and other businesses as well as, once ordained, leading retreats and classes and mentoring others.

Maggie's business experience includes raising substantial funds and acquiring and renovating properties for a housing co-op during seven years as development manager and greatly expanding a failing ethical gift shop to create a sizable profit within a year.

More recently, she led the campaign to save her village shop by establishing a thriving community run enterprise and helped start an eco self build affordable housing project.

In 2001, having amicably separated from her son's dad,  Maggie followed her intuition and moved the family from London to Devon where she soon met her soul mate, Patrick.

The resulting 'renaissance' inspired Maggie to resign her ordination (and some years later, to let go of her Buddhist name, Srimati) to embrace a more universal spirituality and all-inclusive approach to mentoring others.

As her new vocational expression, Maggie trained and qualified as a life coach and founded Thrivecraft (initially with Patrick, though he now takes a back seat) providing life, business and spiritual coaching to a growing clientelle of mostly well-being and creative entrepreneurs.

Maggie's first book - Diving for Pearls: A Wise Woman's Guide to Finding Love (O Books) - published in 2017, tells this inspiring spiritual adventure and true love story, as well as sharing tips and teachings on meditation, intuition and relationships.

Now living amidst river countryside in Patrick's beloved home county of Cornwall (her grown son, Jamie, remaining in nearby Devon), Maggie dedicates herself to coaching, mentoring, training and accrediting Thrivecraft coaches and meditation teachers via the Thrivecraft Academy.

Thrivecraft is a registered trade mark.  And a recognised modality and approved training provider with the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists (IICT).